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Canvas Aprons on Lumberjocks:

A video clip from Montana woodworker Scott Morrison sporting his Action Ware Canvas Apron:  The Fine Woodworker

What customers are saying!

Chris in New York:
This is a really great piece that is being well used in a woodworking shop. Quite an excellent service experience, as well.

Nichole says:
This apron is well-made and sturdy--will make a nice gift for my hard-to-buy-for dad. Super fast shipping! Seller is incredibly friendly, accommodating, and responsive. Thank you so much, Peter! :)

Allyson writes:
I got this apron for my boyfriend. So far he seems to be enjoying it and is wearing it every time I visit him in the shop. I was honestly surprised at the excellent details and quality of the apron! Truly better than expected! I especially like the little "made in USA" tag. Shipping was prompt with friendly email too!

From Artimest:
I received my apron today from ATownDesign and I LOVE it. It fit perfectly. I feel like this apron was custom-made just for me which would not be far from the truth since the shop owner had his daughter try this on because we are around the same height and he adjusted the straps for me and added a nifty pocket! The apron was delivered super fast as well. Thank you so much! I would recommend this apron to any crafter or craftsman. Yay!

This bag is perfect for my bird watching gear and very comfortable to wear. I got it in two days which was awesome. Now my husband wants one to so I’ll be needing to order a blue one!

My wife and I own a cabin rental so I do wood work for a living from framing to trim to furniture building etc., I have tried belts off and on for the last 30 years just to see if i missed something , and honestly tool belts just dont compare at any level to a good bib apron, unless you like your britches pulling down all day, and tools falling out when you bend over, back aches, just all around misery. n My Bib i have had for the last 10 years finally couldnt be repaired any more so i went to looking all over for another, there were some good looking ones out there but made in china and i just cant stand the thought of buying slave labor made stuff. Thankfully I came across Mr. Wadey here on etsy , He customized and customized and reworked till i was happy with an apron that was good for carpentery/cabinetry work from start to finish. n He was patient, prompt, hard working till we got it done, he to say the least went above and beyond. When I got the apron, I couldnt believe the quality, fit, comfort, and usability. I guarantee you will like Mr. Wadey's aprons they are THE BEST. nThanks again Pete Byron